Product Detail


Protective Lens:D18*2
Focusing lens:D20*4.5 F150
Collimating Lens:D16*5 F60
Reflector:30*14 T2
Sealing element:18.5*20*5*1.7


Safe. - Safe
Independent research and development of security detection system, set up a number of security alarms, security and stability

Time saving - efficient and convenient
Focus mirror, protection mirror drawer, convenient replacement

Lightness - Lightness reduces load
Smaller size, lighter weight, flexible operation, easy to use

Quality - beautiful welding - stable performance
High welding strength, small deformation, high melting depth

Performance - Multiple features
Support hand-held continuous welding, spot welding, cleaning, cutting, "hand" "since" - body, password authorization


Super laser welding cleaning and cutting three-in-one system is our latest launched a hand-held laser welding, laser cleaning, laser cutting integrated system.The working mode can be freely switched according to different application scenarios, providing diversified solutions for different application needs of users.

The product covers the welding head / cleaning head and the self- developed control system, and sets multiple safety alarms and active safety power failure and light failure settings.It is developed on the basis of our mass-produced hand-held welding head, and has the characteristics of high reliability and strong stability.

The product can be adapted to various brands of fiber lasers, optimized for optical and water cooling design so that the laser head can work stably for a long time at 2000W.


Basic characteristics of self-developed three-in-one control system, welding, cleaning, cutting flexible switching, set multiple safety alarms, simple and flexible operation
is more stable: all parameters are visible, monitor the state of the whole machine in real time, avoid problems in advance, facilitate problem investigation and solution, and ensure the stable work of the system.
process: the process parameters can be set, flexibly try various process effects.
parameters are stable, high repeatability: determined nozzle
ssure and lens state, as long as the laser power is stable,
Process parameters must be reproducible and greatly improve the efficiency.