Product Detail


Size:560 * 250 * 350 mm
Features:touch screen display, four wheel double drive wire feeding mechanism, wire feeding speed 25-600cm /min (adjustable), supporting continuous wire feeding mode and
Application:laser welding automatic wire feeding, mechanical arm automatic wire feeding, plasma automatic wire feeding, argon arc welding automatic wire feeding, etc Support wire diameter :0.8/1.0/1.21 1.6mm, can


Laser welding wire feeding machine, laser welding automatic wire feeding mechanism, laser welding wire feeding machine, can be matched with the customer's laser welding machine to achieve optical wire feeding and optical wire feeding. No pollution to the environment, low cost of use.

6 different wire feeding methods: pulse wire feeding, asynchronous wire feeding, delay wire feeding, continuous wire feeding, synchronous wire feeding, wire feeding in advance. Meet the welding of different material thickness.


Features of laser wire feeder:

1, stop wire, wire feeding function: some workpiece do not need to send wire, can directly switch through the switch to stop wire state, without the need to reconnect. Such as manual welding, the first workpiece spot welding, spot welding do not need to send wire, switch to stop wire state, spot welding and then pull welding, switch to wire feeding state, can achieve continuous wire feeding! On the market, the same wire feeder with linkage function needs to be rewired to realize the function of welding without wire feeding. (Domestic similar products do not have this function)

2, a little dynamic wire feeding function: you can point, you can also long press this key forward wire feeding (used when installing the wire tray).

3, a little dynamic back pumping function: you can point, debugging silk out long, do not have to cut, point, you can return to the ideal length, easy to use.

4, continuous wire feeding pulse wire feeding function: pulse time and pulse intermittent time fine adjustable range of 0.01-99.99 seconds.

5, synchronous wire feeding function: wire feeding and arc starting at the same time, if the wire breaking time and drawback time is set to 0, the wire stop at the same time ceasefire; If the wire breaking time is set within 0.01-9.99 seconds, the wire is pulled back after stopping the wire, the welding machine continues to fire and dissolve the wire, so that the wire will not stick to the workpiece nor stick to the tungsten needle.

6, asynchronous wire feeding function: you can choose to send wire in advance function (first wire, arc) or delay wire feeding function (arc first, and then wire).

7, with advance time function (: indicates the advance wire feeding time, can set the time range of 0.01-9.99 seconds

8, with delay time function: the time range can be set from 0.01 to 9.99 seconds, the welding machine arc first, to the set time value after the start of wire feeding,

9, back pumping time function: stop the silk back pumping, sensitive response.

10, wire breaking time: stop wire welding machine continue to dissolve wire after a few seconds of arc. That is, the time setting of silk dissolving. Automatic pumping can be set at the same time. The melting time varies with the thickness of welding wire. Stop wire first, and then delay arc, wire back drawing and anti-stick function, to solve the current domestic market wire feeding machine wire stick workpiece problem!

11, wire feeding speed: 0-6m/min, domestic similar products speed control system and motor is poor, speed to 130MM wire per minute, the motor will not move, we this slow speed 0.45mm per minute motor will also send wire, low speed wire is still very stable, in the welding plate is the need for slow wire, send fast wire too late to melt.

12, welding, stop welding switch function: in the case of wire feeding machine and welding machine linkage, if this switch is set to "stop welding" position, the switch on the handle of the welding gun, no need to turn off the power of the welding machine, you can only let the wire feeding machine wire and welding machine arc. This function is especially useful in adjusting the length of the wire feed nozzle. The argon arc welding wire feeding machine produced by other factories, when the wire feeding machine and welding machine linkage, to achieve this function, it is necessary to turn off the power of the welding machine, and frequent switch welding machine will affect the performance and service life of the welding machine.

Adopting photoelectric isolation technology and power isolation technology, welding machine high frequency lighting strong anti-interference, with wire feeding speed stability, fast dynamic response. Powerful function, advanced technology!