1.請確保文中的激光器圖示與您使用的激光器為同一型號 本文適用 YLR-1000/1500-K 型號





1. Please ensure that the laser icon in the article is the same model as the laser you are using. This article applies to YLR-1000/1500-K model

2. If the laser manufacturer's signal changes, the following wiring fails. Please connect the wiring according to the manufacturer's definition

3. Ensure that the laser is enabled. PWM voltage, if you need 5V then external 5V switching power supply, this paper uses 5V switching power supply

4. Be sure to confirm the analog voltage of the laser. The default output of the control board is 0-10V. If 0-4V is required, open the control box and change the jump cap J7

YLR-1000/1500-K 光纖激光器圖示①

Figure 1 shows the YLR-1000/1500-K fiber laser


Wiring logic



1. First short-circuit [5/6] [9/10] [11/12] three groups of signals (line sequence from left to right 1-12) in the diagram ① terminal INTERLCOK.

2. Where [7/8] use the contact button START to connect the normal opening pin


3.INTERLFACE terminal wiring, provide analog, enable, PWM signal, because of the special model, need to use 5V power supply







The 7/21 pin of the laser is connected to the + of the 5V power supply to provide enable and red light signals, but because it is triggered by the rising edge, a lock button is used in the middle to connect the normal opening pin

Pin 8 of the laser is connected to pin 5 of signal interface 3 of the control box to provide analog, but because this model is 0-4V, it must be in the motherboard jumper (jump cap at J7).

The No. 9 foot of the laser is the public land, connected to the No. 4 foot of the control box and connected to the 5V power supply - provides all the reference ground

4. Boot sequence

Power on the laser - press the contact button - press the lock button - normal welding

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